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© Hartwig Klappert


This month's newsletter lives up to its name. Not only do we proudly present the brand-new Word Alliance website, including updated information on all our member festivals. We also introduce a range of new content segments, latest festival updates and a couple of exciting new literary voices. It's all new(s).

Check out our latest news and activities here.

About Us

The Word Alliance brings together the world's leading literature festivals. Through this powerful network we support associated writers and festival organisers around the globe. By showcasing the writers' work, by creating interesting new literature projects and by providing the opportunity to enhance every festival's programme even more. In truly international spirit The Word Alliance's goal is to connect and to create.

Our Vision

We might be from different backgrounds and countries, but we all share the exact same love: literature. What better starting ground could a relationship ask for? All our members aim at providing the best possible festival experience year after year. So it's only fair we aim high, too. Here's what you can expect from us.

Our Members

Find out more about our members. We proudly present some of the world's leading literature festivals.

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